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Revenue Cycle Efficiency

We believe in equipping healthcare facilities and
revenue cycle management companies with advanced tools to automate billing processes. Revenue cycle automation streamlines and aggregates insightful data to optimize claim processes by minimizing human error and reducing effort. Healthcare companies can avoid cashflow problems with revenue cycle automation where efficient processes can significantly reduce labor-intensive routines, so billing staff may focus on providing quality patient services.

Ineffective Document Management

billing teams may waste precious work hours printing piles of reports that are tedious to organize. As a result, staff may fail to retrieve necessary documents required to expedite a claim, leading to patient conflict and unresolved cases. 

Poor Handling of A/R

Poorly stored documents increases the risks of revenue leakage due to the lack of prioritized claim procedures. Electronic documentation ensures proper management of claim files in a database while automatically alerting staff of workable and prioritized claims for a swift and decisive response. Electronic documentation presents actionable data easily communicated with frontline staff to drive improved resolution rates.

Team Opacity

physical documents fail to provide billing teams with the means of tracking their movements. The lack of visibility prevents managers from assessing revenue cycle efficiency. As a result, managers do not have the information required to prioritize claims and optimize team performance. Alternatively, electronic documents link to centralized BI solutions easily accessible by managers for a clear assessment of the revenue cycle and staff performance. Insightful data improves employee training and reduces the amount of future claim denial cases.

Claim Denials

Manual and laborious documentation lead to unclear denial sources. Automated electronic documentation isolates workable claims from unworkable ones so employees can focus their time and resources on reducing revenue loss. 

Lack of System Feedback

Static spreadsheet-based documents do not assist in avoiding future claim issues. Data-supported electronic documentation provides predictive technology that informs teams on preventive actions. 

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